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Feasibility Studies

  • Capture of objects and obstacles on routes (e.g. tunnels, bridges, walls, signs, curves, etc.)
  • Feasibility studies and solutions
  • Simulation of transports
  • Visualization of transport roadways
  • Visualization of hardstands
  • Creation of site plans, cross-sections and gradient diagrams based on real data
  • Creation of digital terrain models based on real data
  • Calculation of difference quantities (cut and fill quantities)
  • Preservation of evidences before and after reconstruction measures
  • Appraisal of expansion plans for plant halls or plant grounds
  • Target-/actual-comparison of access roads to construction sites
  • Digitization of road damages / equipment
  • Capture of municipal infrastructures including power lines
  • Mapping of routes for planned major events
  • Capture of tree population